Re-research  what are other food banks doing?  who can we learn from? who is solving this? windows to fund-raise What have they done in the past, where are their gaps?
Essay reading and review|Partnership strategy to proactively get third-party events
research  what are other foodbanks doing?  who can we learn from? who is solving this? What is happening during the year in Kingston (windows to fundraise)? What have they done in the past, where are their gaps?
2 – brainstorm – share what you know, (S+W we have) and where are the opportunities and threats …
3 – best opportunities – bring the best ideas forward … work them up, develop ideas/strategies – work them through to a few tactics (short-term, long-term)
4 – small, deliverable … come up with a ‘step forward’ …
5 – write it up
Partnership strategy to proactively get third-party events
Event strategies – a great fundraiser to develop
Take a current event – add to it …
Board development and attraction – to add endowments and bequests
Other ideas…
Writing it up! STAY STRATEGIC
12pt font – Calibri – spacing 1.5
Page one – cover with your name
Page two – current situation analysis – what is happening, right now. You may want to include areas of the SWOT, the strengths and weaknesses. State the area you will ‘tackle’, in hopes of improving, adding or growing. (one page).
Page three – research – what you found out, site sources (one to two pages) you should provide the research, and narrate how this could/would/should/ maybe considered.
Page four – opportunities and threats – forming the strategy for your fundraiser – within your ‘strategy area’, show the areas you feel there is or are growth opportunities or development — working towards long-term growth and sustainability (one page).
Page five – THE IDEA – this is where you showcase the fundraising idea (idea, possible partners, tactics to ensure success, extra fundraisers at an event to add to the $$$, …) I can assist you with your deliverable!
Addendums – attach pieces to your presentation, to help showcase your ideas (if necessary).
Rubric, in short form:
Followed the format, including cover page – 5pts
Professional – 10 pts
CSA – 15 pts
Research – 20 pts
Forming the Strategy for Fundraising – 20 pts
IDEA and the idea work-up/deliverable – 30 pts
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