impact of cellphone's radiation
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Essay on the impact of cellphone’s radiation on users’ health.
Assignment question by researching appropriate information from the library, organize ‘content into an essay structure, write coherent sentences and paragraphs using clear vocabulary and grammar, and format your writing to tertiary-level academic standards.
Choose an issue in society that is under some public debate or controversy, (i.e, a difference in informed opinion). Examples include the need to implement a capital gains tax in NZ, the increase/decrease Of the legal age limit for drivers/alcohol consumption, and the impact of cellphone’s radiation on users’ health. Browse websites from TV news stations (TV1, TV3) newspapers (NZ Herald, The Dominion Post), magazines (North & South, The Listener), for topic ideas but do NOT use them as your primary sources. You must check your essay topic with your tutor by the beginning of week 4.
Write an essay explaining
(a) why the issue is controversial
(b) what  or both sides, and
(c) what your view is concerning this issue.
Find at least three (3) “academic” sources (i.e., not from your own personal feelings or experiences) to support the statements in your essay. Include a reference list at the end of your essay. Ask your tutor if you are unsure about what points to focus on in your essay.



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