Research into the experience of pain is a rapidly expanding field. Why can some people tolerate great amounts of pain while others can tolerate no pain at all? What causes pain and how can it be adaptive? How does our perception and emotional interpretation of pain impact our tolerance?” 350
(b)  Share an example of a leader and a manager from your own work experience or from research and explain whether you think the role of a leader or manager can or should overlap. (50 words) Include one to two text and/or peer reviewed source citations less than 40 words to support your points
2.  Leadership styles and practices have evolved over the last century in response to changing work environments and employee needs.
(a)  Based on your personal experience, discuss important leadership characteristics and ways in which leaders can build effective relationships with employees. (175 words)
(b)  Describe whether you believe such leadership traits can be learned. (50words)” 344

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