Assess the child you are tutoring based on your Assessment Plan (Updated Assessment Plan attached). You will need to submit all test results (find test and make up test result a minimum of 3) with this assignment and write a brief summary of each test given using the template provided. Plan appropriate instructional activities for each area of reading that you tested (e.g. phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency). (Find different test online and make up something for a 1st grader). Decide how you will monitor and document growth in each area.
It is important that the assessment plan matches or is aligned with the test results. The assessment plan needs to target what the child needs for growth.
Write a paper summarizing each test you gave, using the Assessment-Based Instruction (Attachment provided). Include in the summary all of the following:
A paragraph about the child you assessed: age, grade, gender, language(s) spoken, and any additional important information. You may copy and paste this from your Assessment Plan (Attached).
The name of each assessment
What the assessment tests
The numerical results and observations of each
Areas of needed growth based on test results
What instructional activities you are recommending to target needed growth
How you will monitor and document growth

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