Use the Capella University Library and the Internet to locate an article describing an effective program, strategy, or initiative showing a positive impact on disease prevention or health promotion efforts for a vulnerable population.
Describe why you think the program or project was successful. Review Chapter 3 of your textbook, Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion, which identifies strategies for working with diverse populations.
What three strategies do you think would be most beneficial when putting together a health promotion plan for the population identified in this unit’s first discussion? Why?
Explain both the positive and negative factors that can affect health promotion and wellness for your identified population.
Your initial posting should be at least 150 words, and you must reference the work of another writer (either as a quotation, paraphrase, or summary) to provide support for your ideas. The source can be the course text, another relevant book, any assigned reading, or an article you find on your own through the Capella University Library. When you incorporate the other writer’s ideas in your work, use APA citation style to give credit to that writer. Remember that an APA citation includes both the in-text citation (the author’s last name and the copyright year) and the full reference for the source.

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