Identify and discuss technological and financial risks that you see Company M faces.
Which domains of the IT infrastructure do you see were involved during the four malware events?
What types of security policies should Company M institute to mitigate those risks?
Consider the overall burden of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Think about the contributions that medical social workers have made to the prevention of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
In a 3- to 4-page paper: ASSIGNMENT questions in bold answers after I will erase after  I proof read
Briefly explain how the HIV/AIDS epidemic has changed since it first emerged in 1981.
Explain how the roles of medical social workers have evolved over the course of the epidemic. Select one specific milestone and elaborate the roles of medical social workers.
Explain the profession’s ongoing advocacy and support to the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
Explain the challenges the profession has been facing and anticipates facing when dealing with HIV/AIDS patients. Provide specific examples.

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