Give an example of how a land owner can transfer a portion of the physical land, and a portion of their time to own the land.
5.    How is title to real property evidenced?
6.    We would all agree that a brick is personal property. Explain how a brick can become real property.
7.    Why is it important to record a deed with the appropriate government agency?
8.    Explain the difference between a condominium and a cooperative with respect to real estate.
9.    What is the difference between a license and an easement?
10.    What duties does a landowner have to an invitee? A trespasser?
11.    What is a mortgage?
12.    Why is it important to record a mortgage with the appropriate government agency?
14.  except A has credit card debt of $3,000,000 and has no other assets. A declares bankruptcy. How much will B be able to collect? How much will the credit card companies be able to collect? Explain why having secured debt (mortgage) is important to a creditor.

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