You are a software developer for a retail company that sells mobile phones via the web. Your company has deployed the entire website onto the public cloud. The mobile manufacturing company launches a new mobile every year. Your company’s website gets ten times the traffic during the new mobile launch. Customers often complain about the timeout and slow website performance. Some of them are even moving to other competitor’s websites, directly impacting your annual profit.
The public cloud provides various options to handle website scalability. Your manager has asked you to investigate various alternatives and walk through the best possible cost-effective solution. The goal is to handle the scale-up of the application during the pick load and scale down during the less load.
The public cloud company also provides a cost calculator to estimate the approximate cost to host the solution.
The public cloud vendor you have selected.
A description of the public cloud architecture for your web application.
A description of the components that are required for your public cloud and their functionality.
An explanation of how scale up and scale down will work.
How security will be enhanced.
A description of the benefits of deploying to multiple cloud regions.
An overview of serverless architecture and the benefits provided.
The approximate cost to host your design on the cloud.
To calculate the cost, please visit:
Azure Cost Calculator
AWS Cost Calculator
AZURE Scalable Architecture
AWS Scale Architecture Overview
Google Scalable Architecture

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