Here are the instructions, I need it for tomorrow afternoon. 10/03/2017 at 4:00 pm
Here are the instructions, I need it for tomorrow afternoon. send me the link to pay for it. I really need this assignment well done. Thanks
For this week, you will be completing a research appraisal about a women’s health topic in which you may be interested. The purpose is to complete only a synthesis of the topic. To start, only look at studies that are specific to your women’s health topic ( Inflammatory pelvic Disease) . Your appraisal will assist in finding the most current evidence. Remember, this is only for the purpose of synthesis. Simplicity is key to a successful evaluation. Below is a way to assist you in compiling your significant articles. Your table should only contain 5 articles. Finalize your findings in 1–2 pages and submit with your evaluation table.
In the headings for the columns, include the following:
Citation: Author, year, title (Less than 5 years)
Conceptual Framework: Theoretical basis for study
Design/Method: Indicate design and describe what was done in the study
Sample/setting: Number, characteristics, attrition rate, and why
Major variables studied and their definitions: Independent/dependent variable
Measurement: What scales were used to measure the outcome variables (e.g., name of scale, author, reliability info)
Data analysis: What stats were used to answer the clinical question
Findings: Statistical findings or qualitative findings (one for every statistical test mentioned in data anlysis)
Appraisal/Worth to Practice: Strengths and limitations of the study, risk or harm if study intervention or findings implemented, and feasibility

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