Prepare a 1,500-word essay that evaluates and explain the theory of justice.
Ensure to THOROUGHLY ADDRESS & DISCUSS the following in the analysis:
What are some of the principles of justice theories?
discuss how the principles of these theories differ from traditional utilitarianism?
How is justice defined by modern criminal justice agencies and other entities involved in the criminal justice system? How does this differ from security?
Include at least Three (3) Peer-Reviewed resources included within the essay.
Thoruoghly quote and cite all references used. Essay MUST have “in-text” quotes to support writing.
Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Assignment MUST be in ESSAY FORMAT. Essay must have a strong introduction, conclusion, and smooth transitional phrases for sentences and paragraphs.
NOTE: cover page and reference page are NOT included in the 1,500-word count for essay. Essay must have thoroughly detailed information and references to support analysis.
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