Write a 1250-1500 word paper on the prevalence of one selected infectious disease in the underdeveloped country of your choice.
Include the following in your paper:
• A discussion of disease incidence.
• A discussion of the effect of the disease on individuals.
• A discussion of the effect of this disease on the health economic system of the country (you’ll need to also describe the health system).
• A discussion of the effect of the disease with respect to the global health market, with regard to both health and economic factors.
• A discussion of the effect on health agencies that may provide aid to citizens of this country.
• An evaluation of how successful an international health aid organization or set of organizations have been in meeting health care needs in the areas it/they serves with regard to the country and disease you selected.
Criteria for this paper:
• The paper must be written and properly cited in APA style.
• The paper must include at least three peer-reviewed sources other than the text.

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