NUR 3805 – Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice
Nursing Theory Assignment Guidelines and Grading Rubric
1. Locate your assigned Nursing Theorist on the Nursing Theory Student Assignment list. Contact your instructor if you have any questions, or if your name is not located on the list.
2. Locate and review information related to nursing theorist using the SCF Library resources (see below).
3. Create a PowerPoint presentation according to outline and grading rubric, including speaking notes (which is the written narrative for each slide, written in the notes section). Alternatively, you may record your presentation, and upload the narrated PPT file.
4. There are two parts to this assignment: You will submit your Nursing Theory Presentation to the assignment box for faculty review, and you will share your presentation and review your peers’ presentations in the Nursing Theory Discussion.
1. The SCF Library has developed a Subject Guide specifically to support student success on this assignment.
a. Login to the SCF Library (login is your GOO#; password is the last four digits of GOO#)
b. Locate Subject Guide for Nursing: BSN
c. Locate Nursing Theory subject guide.
d. This has a wealth of resources for students and step-by-step guidance to support successful completion of the Nursing Theory assignment, including videos, e-books, journal articles and links.
e. The library team is available to help students locate and utilize the resources to develop a successful report on your assigned nursing theorist.
2. Additional online resources on nursing theories
a. Current Nursing:
b. University of San Diego:
c. Clayton State University:
3. Database searches for two peer-reviewed journal articles related to nursing theory
a. Login to the SCF Library
b. Locate Database by Subject
c. Select Subject—Health Professionals
d. Explore CINAHL Complete, Fitne Nursing (videos of nursing theorists), or others
e. Search articles using keywords of nursing theory concepts or theorist’s name.
f. Utilize filters to locate articles that are current (< 5 years), in English, and available at SCF Libraries. 4. Other resources may be found through Internet searches, such as Google Scholar. Be sure the sources are peer-reviewed and reliable—The SCF Library has a great subject guide on How to Find Scholarly Resources to guide your search! Presentation Outline: 1. Create and present a biographical “picture” of the nurse theorist. a. Describe the theorist’s background. b. Discuss the factors that shaped the theorist’s thinking and development of her theory. 2. Present the theorist’s nursing theory/conceptual model. a. Describe the major focus of the theory/model. b. Explain key concepts or tenants of the theory/model c. Describe other key concepts and relationships important in the theory/model. 3. Present a pictorial representation of the theory/model if one has been developed (for example, Leininger’s Sunrise Model to depict Theory of Cultural Care Diversity and Universality). Explain how theory concepts interact in the model. 4. Summarize two peer-reviewed journal articles that relate to the application of theory to practice, or explore/test a concept of the theory. These are typically research articles, not articles that simply describe the theory. For each article, a. Describe the population studied, the intervention tested, any comparison group, the results and outcome of the study. b. Describe how the article relates to the theory itself, or concepts described in the theory. 5. Apply the theory/model to an actual (or mock) clinical situation. a. Provide an in-depth description of the patient experience or clinical situation. b. Utilize your selected theory/model to assess the clinical case/situation and propose a nursing plan of action to assist the client. c. Discuss any difficulties that you encountered in applying this theory/model to your clinical situation. 6. Power point presentation and written speaking notes: a. Present content thoroughly, concisely, and scholarly. b. Speaking notes are written in the “Notes” field of the PowerPoint presentation, and/or recorded in narrated presentation. 7. Scholarly writing (grammar, punctuation, etc.) a. Submit a minimum of 5 references – no more than 1 to 2 textbooks. b. Cite sources within each slide, and list references on last slide in APA format NUR 3805: Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice Nursing Theory Assignment—Grading Rubric Criteria Rubric Biographical “picture” of nurse theorist Description includes factual biography and explores factors that influenced theory = 20 Description limited to biographical information, or extensive use of quotations = 10 Missing information = 0 Presentation of theory/conceptual model Description clearly defines theory concepts and relationships, citing reliable sources for information; conceptual model explained in own words = 25 Description limited to definitions, with little explanation of how concepts interrelate in theory, or extensive use of quotations = 15 Missing information = 0 Summary of two research articles testing components of relationships of theory Research articles fully described; relationship between theory and article clearly defined = 25 Description of articles lack specificity, and/or relationship between article and theory are not clear AND/OR Summary of only one article =15 Missing summary of articles = 0 Application of theory/model to clinical situation Client or clinical situation is described; assessment and plan of care demonstrates application of the theory or model =20 Client or clinical situation not clearly described, or application of theory is weak or not clearly addressed =10 Case does not address theory concepts or model, or is missing = 0 APA and Scholarly Writing Presentation and speaking notes follow APA format and style with minor exceptions; sources are cited on slides/notes; references listed on separate WORD document = 10 APA and Scholarly writing have a few mistakes; OR presentation exceeds 20 slides = 5 More than a few APA errors, or sources are not acknowledged in citations or references = 0 Possible points = 100

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