By Tuesday, July 12, 2016, review the core values of holistic nursing listed in the text. Determine which one you personally rank as the most important. Explore this core value further on the Web, in the text, and on the online library. State your rationale of why you see this value as being important for a holistic nurse to incorporate into his or her practice.
Interview 3 people (family, friends, coworkers) according to the following guidelines:
Explain the selected core value to them in your own words.
Ask them if they think that this would be an important aspect for a nurse to incorporate into his or her practice and have them explain why or why not.
Also, review your text and lecture and explore the Web for descriptions of the terms healing and cure. Describe a case from your clinical practice in which there was no cure but there was healing. Describe the details of the healing experienced by the person interviewed.
Post a summary in a 3-4 page Word document to the W4: Assignment 2 Dropbox

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