1. When America was just starting out, during the colonial days, alcohol was brought over on the Mayflower and other ships. By the late 1700’s, colonial New England had 140 rum┬ádistilleries and the colonists were also consuming large amounts of beer and cider. Once the 1800’s came around the colonies coffee was considered a drug and alcohol remained popular. But regardless of who was drinking the alcohol led to violence, death, poverty, and family problems-as it does today. Before and after the Civil War opium was the drug of choice because it was a painkiller and made people feel good. It was used in several medicines. At the end of the 1800’s, hundreds of thousands of Americans were addicted to opium but at the beginning of the 1900’s the drug was banned by the federal government except for prescription use. Today, opium products include but are not limited to heroin, oxycontin. Vicodin, and morphine. Additionally, Marijuana was legal in the 1800’s and was included in several medicines.American is less than 500 years old but since the first colony came to America drug use and alcohol use has been heavy and is to this day. Today, it is widely known that those who live in America are know to binge drink. Marijuana is fully legal in 12┬ástates today and is expected to be legalized in others. But as of 2017, over 19 million Americans battled substance abuse as per the NSDUH. Substance abuse means the compulsive drug use the disrupts your daily life and includes the abuse of alcohol. So from 500 years ago to now, America hasn’t really gotten anywhere. Millions of Americans suffer from drug and alcohol abuse like they did then.

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