Movie Review Paper
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Watch Movie “The Official Story” (link can be provided) and write at least 3 page paper answering the following.
Include introduction paragraph. Each question can be it’s own paragraph.
What is the connection between history and memory? How does the movie portray this relationship?
What is a “divided” friend? What happened to Anita? Why was she targeted by the regime?
Who are the Mothers de la Plaza de Mayo? How does non-violent protest work?
What do you think is the significance of the ending scene with Gaby?
How did Peron-ism and Peron lead to the military junta of 1973? What are the characteristics of Latin American dictatorships?
What is the relationship between memory and history in the Argentine context according to the film? Use specific examples.
What happened to Anita and how does this relate to the unjust actions of the military junta? Use the primary sources to discuss the use of torture and how people fought back.
How is Alicia’s search for truth an allegory for the history of Argentina during the dictatorship? Use examples from the same film The Official Story.
Overall, how would you rate this film as a historical source?
If use outside sources, cite in text and with MLA bibliography.

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