Watch the video about Motivational Interview of a woman who is pregnant and continuing to drink alcohol.
Motivational Interviewing: Discussing Alcohol Use in Pregnancy
Consider what you learned from the video, along with other content that has been discussed in this course. For your initial post, choose ONE of the three scenarios presented below and answer the following questions. (Please include at least three scholarly sources within your initial post):
– As an APRN, how could you positively affect the health of the woman in the scenario you chose?
– What would be the pros and cons of utilizing the technique of Motivational Interviewing with the woman in the scenario.
– Trial the techniques you have read about over the previous few weeks related to Motivational Interviewing with a coworker, family or friend. What was this experience like? Do you see benefits to becoming more comfortable with this technique? Why or why not? (Please, answer YES, and explain why?)

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