We all know McDonald’s is a successful global brand, so unlike its menu, I’ll keep it light.
While keeping its overarching branding consistent, McDonald’s practices “glocal” marketing efforts. No, that’s
not a typo. McDonald’s brings a local flavor, literally, to different countries with region-specific menu items. In
2003, McDonald’s introduced the McArabia, a flatbread sandwich, to its restaurants in the Middle East.
(See The Web Page Below…)
McDonald’s has also introduced macaroons to its French menu
And added McSpaghetti to its menu in the Philippines:
This “glocal” approach has helped put McDonald’s
Should the global marketer adapt the product, marketing, and advertising to individual markets throughout the
What is the best approach to advertising?
1) create advertising campaigns locally or regionally?
2) allow campaigns to be created independently or by local advertising companies; OR
3) centralize all advertising at national headquarters and develop a consistent worldwide advertising campaign.
Outline your points that defend either side of the proposition that advertising can be standardized for all

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