Manufacturing may take place in China, or Vietnam, or Bangladesh, or Myanmar/Burma, etc. Transportation to, and selling within, may take place in the USA, Canada or a European country.
For Assignment , you are asked to research and write a essay based on your outline You should outline:
Your choice of product;
What obstacles you might encounter in each phase from design to delivery; and
What legal solutions you will employ to overcome these obstacles.
In addition to any imagined obstacles you are asked to address the following scenario:
Assume reaction to your product has been favourable. You receive an order for 10,000 units from a Canadian retailer. You are faced, however, with two problems:
The need to sell at a very competitive price
Short delivery period (critical)
What steps would you take to order and get the goods delivered to your warehouse on time in order to be delivered to your customer?
After delivery of the goods, you receive a notice of claim from the OECD that your supplier uses sweatshop/child labour in its production. What do you think your company’s liability would be? What might be your response?

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