l research one Health Administration careers and write to 5 page. Each paper will provide an overview of the career, necessary preparation (e.g., education, volunteer activities, professional memberships, etc.), required skill sets, and industry trends for employment opportunities. This information will be integrated into a prospective career plan incorporating the individual student’s professional and personal values, goals, and passions.
This reflection paper will be written about a healthcare career or position or subset that you have chosen or will select or have an interest in.
Reflection Requirement/Objectives
1) Introductory paragraph Introduce the reader to the healthcare related career you will be job discussing, and the types of research you have completed (the internet, and a book other sources). You will also clearly establish what your reflection is about and provide a preview to the paper.
2) Career Description – Describe the career you researched in detail. Include the following information:
· Overview and title of career/position: Setting
· Administration
· Managerial
· What field in healthcare: Hospital, clinic, supply chain, policy???
· Common and specific work activities (what does the position/career entail)
· Description of best means to secure this position
· Working conditions (nature of work), and working hours
· Skills and abilities
· Early skills or beginning skills
· Middle level skills
· Advanced skills
· Preparation (training, qualifications)
· Wages (earnings)
· Outlook for the job (career)
· Expected growth
· Number of opportunities
· What regions are favorable—cities
· Sources at least 2
3) Aspects of the career that interest you:
· Why are you interested in this career?
· Describe the parts of the career that interest you the most
· Do not do all—select a couple
· Provide some clear insight that you compared your interest and your assessment.
· How do the interests align with your assessments
· How does this differ?
· Are the gaps narrow or wide from what your assessment tells you and what the career requires
· What makes you motivated to pursue this career/position? 5) Reflection: • In what ways do you believe you can be a part of this career.• What skills are going to have to be built on to succeed in this position or career. Evaluative Reflection• Reflect on a path to get this position: What might you do to best get this position. Paper format must include the following: 2. Introduction with clear purpose, preview and direction for the paper. * Size 11-12 Ariel or New Times Roman font is required.* 1” margins on sides, top, and bottom of paper required.3. Cite Sources on the final page, after the body of the paper. Sources:
· * No bold fonts
· 2. The body of the paper needs to be 5-7 pages (no more than 7) double spaced, typed pages in length.
· 1. Title page/
· • What are the strengths and weaknesses your current education that you need to be aware of for this position.
· • What did you learn that surprised you about this career?
· Summative Reflection
· Two sources are required.
· Must be sources that are established and reliable and validated sources.
· One source from any published hard-copy source.

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