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Current Issues: Humans and the Ocean
extra credit: worth up to 1% on your course grade!
Identify a recently published  (recent = last few months), publicly accessible, popular media article that discusses an issue relevant to oceanography. For example, topics could include the effects of El Nino on fishing communities in Peru, the breakup of glaciers in Antarctica, or the discovery of a new species of shark. Include a link to your article at the top of your review, along with its title, source, date, and author(s).
Write a brief (300-500 word) review of the article, addressing the questions below. (Writing includes revising! Please take the time to make your main points clear.)
Topics to address in your review:
*What is the central point of this article? Why is it newsworthy and/or important for society?
*Consider and evaluate the article’s source. How did the writer do their research / get their information? Who is the intended audience for this article?
*Briefly explain the connection between the article and an ocean process we discussed in class.
Other questions to consider, if they’re relevant for your article:
*How well do we understand the processes discussed in the article? What do we not yet know? / What questions remain?
*What did you find confusing or surprising about this article?
*What new information did you learn from this article?
*Do you agree with the author’s conclusions? Why or why not?


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