List the federal agency (or agencies) that regulates this area.
Describe how the agency implements the relevant law and policy.
Provide a link to the agency’s Web site.
Organize the information within your table so that it is logical and able to be edited in the future.” 350 “This week’s readings discuss how public institutions, spaces, and concerns shape visions of (proper) intimate life. For this week’s forum, answer one or both of the following questions using specific examples from the readings:
How are alternative or non-normative visions of intimacy renegotiating, challenging, or “rewriting” dominant visions of “intelligible” intimacy.
How do emerging or “atypical” spaces of intimacy — dating apps, sex work and transactional intimacy, etc. — reveal the complexities and contours or intimacy? How do they compare to or reshape conventional lessons on how intimacy “should” work.

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