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Healthcare Reform–From Policy to Regulations
Prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there were numerous attempts to pass healthcare reform in the US.  In this discussion board, the student will discuss what some of these attempts were, what was the success and failures, and lessons learned for the creation of the ACA and resulting patient safeguards.
After reviewing the assigned readings and video’s use the information to complete the discussion board.
1. For your initial post, select one of the prior healthcare reform efforts. For example, the American Association for Labor Legislation of 1912.
In response to each topic or prompt provided by the instructor, please do the following:
Provide a thoughtful and complete initial post that is a minimum of two to three paragraphs
(minimum of 400 words), by Wednesday at 11:59 PM of the module week.
Course: HSA4421: Government Regulations in Healthcare
Textbook Title and Edition: Government Regulations in Healthcare Author: Joel B. Teitelbaum
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning
APA format
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