Explain which function of the law, in your opinion, is the most important. Can the government legislate morality? Explain.
In response to your peers, consider your peers’ response. If they disagree with your response, consider the factual assumptions they have made which form the foundation of their opinion. Can you challenge those assumptions while furthering your discussion? If your responses are similar, consider posing a hypothetical question to test your peer’s conclusions.
Regardless of whether you are an attorney arguing in court or a business stakeholder pitching to shareholders or a potential client, adding support for your argument from appropriate resources strengthens your content.”
law essay “Delict Essay
Jane works for Sure Supermarket. One of her colleagues Robert is very unpleasant to her about her background because she is not Scottish. She has made complaints to the managements on frequent occasions. They do nothing about it. The behavior escalates and Jane is seriously injured by Robert while at work. She wants to claim against Sure Supermarket.
Please outline what legal aspects would be relevant in advising her if she might be successful.
You should explain your understanding of vicarious liability with specific reference to facts in this question

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