For this discussion, review the multimedia presentation, Riverbend City: Collaboration of Multidisciplinary Professionals, from this unit’s third study activity before you respond.
All health care fields have one thing in common: they exist to serve the needs of the community. Quite often, it takes the combined efforts of several agencies to bring about a needed change or resolve a potentially harmful situation.
In the multimedia presentation, you were asked to select 10 individuals to invite to participate to a roundtable discussion to develop an emergency response plan for Riverbend City. From the list of names you selected, identify your top five and explain your reasons for choosing these individuals. Were there any agencies or organizations not on the list of options that you think should have been represented? If so, why do you believe they should have been included?
In formulating your answers, you should consider the perspective of the whole community approach, as articulated in the multimedia presentation.
The link to do this discussion is listed below:
Your initial discussion post must:
Be at least 250 words in length.
Contain a minimum of one reference or citation. Follow APA guidelines

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