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Great discussion, how would you utilized the learned experiences from this class to make an impact on a health care policy or wicked problem in health? Thanks.
Discussion post
Among the most common health policies present in the United States is the Affordable Care Act, a health policy aimed at ensuring comprehensive healthcare for all Americans. There are various tools used in the implementation of this Act. They include sample work plans, insurance code Self Audit Tool, and the Exchange Functions checklist. The US political space has a long history of directing the public support through mechanisms available in the private sector, and the tax code. This has prompted to the disaffection that has been experienced in the tools and mechanisms used in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The implementation mechanisms of the Act used by theUS government make citizens perceive the Affordable Care Act as a system of private insurance, rather than a government program.
It is an apparent fact that professional nursing organizations have been involved in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In addition to nurses playing a vital role in ensuring patient safety, quality care, and cost containment, they ensure that they work not only to enhance the individual results, but also the results for health systems in general. The Affordable Care Act is an example of such health systems. An overview of the Affordable Care Act asserts that it is a reform of the US healthcare system that is aimed at providing more Americans with access to affordable and quality health insurance, and also reduce the US healthcare spending.The points to take from the Affordable Care Act include;
· Americans with health insurance are allowed access to new rights, protections and benefits.
· The Act also makes insurance more affordable.
· Again, the Act spreads risks equally to all the parties insured in an attempt to reduce
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