Develop the action plan for your strategic plan. The action, or operational, plan identifies exactly what services will be provided and the exact nature of those services. Write a 2 page paper where you describe your action plan on helping women prevent or cure heart disease.
Be sure to format your paper per APA standards and be sure to use at least two sources and cite those sources in the paper. Also, be sure to include a reference page.
To get an idea of what the project is based on:
Mission statement to help address health needs of women and heart disease.
Our mission statement is to improve the health standards and quality of the life of women living with heart disease or at risk of the heart disease and advocating for their benefits. The mission is patient-centered which is committed to serving women and their needs if diagnosed with a heart condition.
Through the mission, women will be empowered through education and support to take charge of their heart health and fight and advocate for other women. The mission also is to offer equality by ensuring that women have equal access as men to better and accurate cardiac diagnostic testing, treatment and cancelling ADDIN EN.CITE Edward Diethrich2012 (Diethrich & Cohan, 2012)6Edward DiethrichWomen and heart disease : what you can do to stop the number-one killer of American women2012 (Diethrich & Cohan, 2012).
Vision statement on heart disease in women
A woman will be free from a cardiovascular disease if she can access diagnosis and prevention measures from health organizations. The vision will be to build sustainable women heart program that serves all women through education and counseling on heart conditions and providing resources to the victims of heart disease.
We also believe that diversity enriches and strengthens the fight against heart disease. Women should be included in making policies and decisions regarding the heart conditions. The mission is also to seek productive and meaningful partnership with other organizations fighting the heart disease to ensure that we do our best in combating heart disease in women. It is also important to make sure that an organization with such mission is committed to the continuous and rigorous evaluation of all aspects to reduce and control heart disease.

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