physical realms of the earth
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Describe each of the four great physical realms of the earth
1-Explain the term model , and describe how models can help us understand our complex physical world
2. Fully describe the concepts of feedback and equilibrium .provide an example from a natural system
3. Name and fully describe each of the four great physical realms of the earth . what is the life layer ?
4. Describe the process of subduction as it occurs at a convergent boundary of a continental and oceanic lithospheric plates .how is subduction related to volcanic activity ?
5. suppose astronomers discover a new planet that , like the earth , has continents and oceans . They dispatch a reconnaissance satellite to photograph the new planet .what features would you look for , and why , to detect past and present plate tectonic activity on the new planet? can volcanic eruptions become natural disasters? Be specific about the types of volcanic events that can devastate habitations and extinguish nearby populations
7. Discuss the different ways assessing an earthquake magnitude and intensity , and describe the advantages of each approach


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