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2 Concert review (totaling about 60 min of music) COUNT AS ONE CONCERT)
Chopin, Piano Concerto no. 1 in E minor, op. 11: Daniil Trifonov & the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra :
Saint-Saens, Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso (Viktor Tretyakov, violin)
Each review must include the following:
1) Title and composer of each selection on the program.
2) Genre of each piece (opera?, aria?, recitative?, symphony movement?, sonata?, concerto?, etc.).
3) Style and historical context of each selection supported by listing musical features/elements typical for that style and historical period. Including date of composition helps.
4) Performers (include names) and your reaction to their performance.
5) Your personal understanding of the music.
6) The sources of information used for this report if any (program notes, books, articles, online sources).
1) In your Concert review Identify and describe the style, historical context/period, and principal musical features of each piece.
2) Include discussion of your perception. What did you find most striking and memorable? If you liked the piece, why? If not, why not?
3) Your report should demonstrate knowledge of stylistic context (what style, genres do you find, describe them).
4) Your report should demonstrate knowledge of historical context (in what historical period were the works written in, what elements, features of that period can be found in these works?).
5) Your report should use appropriate and specific vocabulary learned in class.
6) The more nuance, detail you include, the more advanced your report will be.
There are sample essays attatched below:


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