Compare advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) practice regulations in Washington, DC to South Carolina’s APRN regulations. Is there a supervising physician required in each? What about protocols in each? What about prescriptions for controlled substances in each? Is there a requirement for continuing education hours in each? How do see this state’s regulations affecting APRNs? Please address these issues as well as any other differences in your research. What is a current issue in APRN practice?
At least 2 references are required, 1 of which must be a peer reviewed journal article. References must be less than 5 years old.
Below are readings required for class that helps with answering some of the questions. My book is Advanced Practice nursing: Essential for role Development (3rd ed.) Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis. (ISBN-13:978-0803627857). (Chapter 6-7 & 27)
Practice Issues: Regulation of APRNs
Prescriptive Authority
Joel Chapters 6-7, 27
Review SC Nurse Practice Act relating to APRNs:
Review SC regulations affecting nurse educators- See Chapter 91:

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