This week (week 6), you will develop a PowerPoint presentation about your practicum project. If you need help on how to develop a good presentation, google How to do a good PowerPoint presentation. You will find a lot ideas and instructions. The content of the PPT should include information included in the community assessment assignment about your population and health issue along with the information you have presented in the practicum discussion over the term. Please see the Practicum PPT Rubric under the Course Information Tab.
When you are developing your PPT make sure you use the Notes Section to further detail the information on the slide. If you are not sure how to do this, watch the following YouTube video about it.
Using the note section to detail the information on each slide is worth 50% of the grade so remember to use it. Many students miss points because the PPT is not thorough.
Once your PPT is done, present it to a community professional. Then you will share the feedback with your group in the discussion board.
Someone always asks me for an example PPT so I have posted some in the Doc Sharing area titled PowerPoint Examples. These are just examples, you are free to use whatever method suites your project.

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