AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) – Go to to determine the answers to the following questions.
1. What marketing specific materials can you obtain from the AOTA website that you can give to clients and colleagues in an effort to promote the OT brand, and help better educate them about what occupational therapy is and can do. ** Be sure you consider your audience
2. Your supervisor asks you to help organize activities for OT month. What month is “OT Month”, and in what ways might you choose to celebrate it – list at least three?
3. While working with another student at fieldwork, you discover he is not currently a member of AOTA. What benefits would you share with him about being a member? What is the cost for student members?
4. You are taking some OT classes and recognize AOTA has a store. Does it sell textbooks? Are there any advantages to buying books from AOTA?
5. What journal does AOTA publish? Does it have other publications as well? If so, name them.
6. Your supervisor asks why you are using constraint-induced movement therapy for a client recovering from stroke. Where in the website will to find the specific “evidence” your supervisor is asking for to support this practice-based approach?
7. During your winter break from school, you are interested in volunteering and networking with other occupational therapy practitioners. Describe what the COOL database is and list three types of opportunities that interest you. (I realize you will not be able to log into this database).
NCOTA (North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association)- Go to to answer the following questions.
1. What is the mission of the NCOTA?
2. Who is the current president of NCOTA?
3. If you just completed your occupational therapy degree and wanted to get a job, what resource is available that might be helpful to you? Is this only for NC positions? Is there a job in your hometown?

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