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A Revolutionary Cabaret|Paraphrase And Rewrite Essay
WOKE! A Revolutionary Cabaret. This play is one of the best plays I have ever watched on stage. I was surprised and amazed from the very early beginning till the end of the show. This awesome musical, entertaining and purposeful play is devised by THE ENSAMBLE. Added to this, its also conceived and directed by the talented director: Joanne Jordan. I loved the songs, the transitions between the singers and their wonderful way of telling their stories. The whole play was a part of an amazing, decorated and designed piece of art. The theater is not that huge but the director took advantage that it was in a U shape. So, she(the director) made the show simple and artistic.
The emotional part of the was very sensitive and filled of deep feelings. It made me feel the misery, damage, wounds and fracture souls of the people who are telling their stories in such an extraordinary way. The start of the play was catchy! LES MISERABLE S oh my god! that song is one of the best or i consider it the best Revolutionary song. The singers were very believable and they sang with a high sense of tragedy. Each song was very good and each single one has a purpose and is performed not only with people who have nice voice but even awesome gestures. I think that the theme part of the play is the dreamers who are facing very hard time nowadays because they are being forced to leave the country and how they are struggling to have their rights and live a safe and good life in this free country.
The actors were too gifted, talented and convincing. From the very early beginning of the show till the end, I was surprised with how they are so convincing and personalizing the characters in such a believable way. The process of transition and shifting the roles between the actors or the singers even the technique the used to make the metal bars part of the show were astonishing and very creative. All of these methods, materials, procedures are very significant reasons that make the show very successful. I liked how they switch their roles and how each single actor tells a story in a very musical way and the variety of languages used. Plus, there was an amazing sense of humor that was add to the show to make it better. I liked the music used, the voices of the actors and how they are so real and living the characters in order to make the audience react with them and that is what really happened.
Now it the time to talk about the technique elements, Direction, Set Design, Costume Design, light and sound system. First of all, I have to admit that there was a very creative and artistic method used in the play which is the metal bars. These metal bars made a very dramatically and significant atmosphere in the theater. The direction was charming and fascinating in such a magical way. Additionally, the Costume Designs were awesome. I think that all the costumes were picked in a very reasonable and logical order. I liked the masks, the shoes, and even the matching jackets and t-shirts. The sound and light system are very professional and it was amazing. I think that it is one of the best sound and light system used in a show that I have watched!
To sum up, Its important to say that this show is a very purposeful and enthusiastic one that is delivering a very important message to the world. This message was clearly delivered and it touched every person of the audience. I am very happy to watch such a wonderful and bravely show in a theater that helps the people to know more about what is going on around them.


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