Reflect on pattern recognition in diagnoses and Analyze pattern recognition in patient diagnoses
Write 1 -2 pages on :
Explain how pattern recognition of patient symptoms might help lead to a diagnosis and treatment plan of any patient you have treated or known as a Nurse Practitioner.
Use 3 recent credible medical resources/ References patterning to the assignment , must be less than 5 years and use APA format on paper and resources
• Buttaro, T. M., Trybulski, J., Polgar Bailey, P., & Sandberg-Cook, J. (2013). Primary care: A collaborative practice (4th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.
Part 6, “Evaluation and Management of Eye Disorders” (pp. 313–344) (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2012, from
•Institute for Safe Medication Practices. (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2012, from

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